Friday, March 6, 2009

Science Centre 之 Buggy and Nemo

We've been to Science Centre so many times now I've lost count.
Yet, each visit we discover something new.
You really can't cover the entire centre in one day.

Thanx to Auntie Leony, we got to know that there's this "buggy" we can use at Science Centre.
We went so many times yet we didn't know.
It's free!
You just have to leave ya particulars at the visitor centre and you can use the buggy for ya entire visit.
They have wheelchairs for loan too.

Auntie Leony, we asked, they have only 2 buggies at the moment.
(Update on 19 April 2009: now they have 4 of these buggies!)

Thank God that there's one for me when we went.

1st stop:
Aquatic life.
Have I mentioned, this is my favourite exhibit in the centre.
but there's no clown fish in this tank.
You've gotta look down.

Yup. The clownfish are in this tiny tank at the bottom.

I'm in love with Nemos at the moment.

Papa telling me about centrifugal force and all.

Anything with water, I'll love them.

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