Friday, March 20, 2009

my puppet

Thursday 19 March 2009
Mummy had to fetch me early from school and she thought she'll bring me to make puppets at PUPPETrazzi, Raffles City.

No wonder they said it's for 7 to 12 year-olds.

The working tables are all so high with no chairs.

I can hardly see what's on the table not to mention work on it.

I'll go get some help.
but the helpers there are all so busy making their own puppets, they hardly give us any attention.

Papa told Mummy that it's probably because Mummy and I don't seem to need any help.

but truely, we are quite clueless as to how to make puppets.

Mummy asked me what do I want to make for my puppet and I said Giraffe.

Mummy thought it was just nice that there were yellow scraps of corrugated board on the table and we could work with those.

Hann drawing hooves on giraffee's legs

Mummy showed me once how to draw the hooves and I drew all the other 3 hooves all by myself.

Hann drawing giraffee's legs

I even added outlines to the giraffe's legs. It was my idea, Mummy was surprised cos she didn't teach me to do it and thought the outlines made the legs look better.

When I was done drawing on the legs and neck of the giraffe, Mummy held them together with the body and asked me what is missing from the giraffe. I said, head!

and went to search for a suitable head in the junk box.


This shall be the head!

Hann draws on a round face

me filling in giraffe's face. with no instructions from Mummy.

I told Mummy I want to draw a happy giraffe.

now we've got all the parts of the giraffe, Mummy and I didn't know how to assemble them.

we asked one helper korkor for help and he suggested using strings to attach the legs to the body and helped us drill holes.

I wanteda drill but the adults were against it. sad.

Me putting the thread into the tiny hole in the bottle aka giraffe's body.

I was getting impatient waiting for Mummy to assemble giraffe so she kept me entertained by letting me draw.

Hann draws on a square face

This was supposed to be sponge bob as suggested by the helper korkor but I want him to be Percy instead.

I went on to draw on 2 other round faces.

but Mummy thought one puppet already want her life liao so she's not going to make anymore.

I was losing insterest and she losing patience. she just wanteda complete the giraffe and go.

She'd wanteda give up but she thought it's not good to just give up in front of young children i.e. me.

Finally, my giraffe puppet was completed!

I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in his complete state.

See me bring giraffe around for a walk.

I was so in love with giraffe, I didn't wanta leave him there with the other puppets. I wanta bring him home.

now Mummy is considering to bring me and giraffe for the Puppet Parade on Sunday.

Here's the invitation:

Hello All


Come to Raffles City Shopping Mall this SUNDAY MARCH 22 at 5pm and join us in our PUPPET PARADE. For the past week, children, parents, students and shoppers have been making puppets from the recycled materials we collected for the event. We are nearly there with our 1,000 puppets!

And Australian Karen Hethey, our puppeteer extraordinare, has created an especially large turtle puppet that will lead the parade and "swim" through the ocean of people in the mall!

Our music talent Joyce Teo and her percussion team from the Republic Polytechnic will add to the vibrance and colour with their brand of music.

To complete the picture, we invite you and your children to make all the puppets people have contributed come alive for the Puppetrazzi Parade in the mall!

How can you miss this! Gathering of people and puppets start from 4pm on Level 3 of Raffles City Mall, THIS SUNDAY!!!Bring your entier family, dress code is ANYTHING COLOURFUL.

Join in the parade and help make PUPPETRAZZI the photo moment to remember.


From: ACT 3 International


Joyce Long said...

Wow Hann Hann is so clever..and can see he enjoys art very much ..

Btw so nice to have a short meet up with you that day..the thought of hann hann asking whether she want to see on the troller at shop and save incident..make me laugh lah...he is so cute hor..

Hann Hann said...

not hann but Hann's Mummy said...

ha. thanx.

what did Hann ask Cherrlyn? I don't recall.

we met PC and Heng in the library after you guyz were gone.

Anonymous said...

cute puppet! *claps* :D

Hann Hann said...