Wednesday, March 25, 2009

too much

Can't remember the context but I told Mummy...
"Mummy, I love you too much."

yesterday accompanied Mummy for her blood test.
She told me to bring her to the doctor's and hold her hand so she'll be brave when her blood is drawn.
This is not my 1st time accompanying Mummy to her blood test.
but somehow this new jiejie (i.e. the nurse) does not give us the confidence that she'll do a quick and painless job.
I gave an apprehensive look while Mummy held on to my hand.
When I saw her face start to change, I said, "I dont' want Mummy to be here (i.e. sitting there and getting poked by the needle)."
Mummy tried to buy some time and asked me, "where do you want Mummy to be then?"
"I want Mummy to sit outside," I replied.
We later found out that the jiejie is a new nurse and she really didn't do a good job.
She made Mummy felt very painful.
Mummy, remember to tell the nurses you don't want this jiejie to draw blood for you next time.
I was considerate and walked all the way from paragon to Somerset MRT and later from the MRT station to Auntie Doctor's. Mummy only carried me when we went on the escalators and get up and down the MRT.
Thank God for a kind soul who gave up her seat for us on the MRT.
* my exact words in italics.

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kkf said...

so sweet of hann...anyway, dash gor gor is also having cough, and has been coughing very very long liao. may both of u get well soon.