Friday, March 6, 2009

Science Centre 之 Lost in the non-so-secret EcoGarden

Yet another new discovery for us in the Singapore Science Centre...

the EcoGarden.

We're looking at a changeable lizard.
Like Camy in book I read the night before, "Lost in the Secret Garden".

Jireh, that's where I learnt that there're no wild chameleons in Singapore.
People often mistaken changeable lizards for chameleons.

too bad the camera was too far and too slow to capture it.

What a beautiful garden.

I get to drive here too.

There are a few ponds here too.
We saw pond skaters!
It's getting more like Adeline Foo's "Lost in The Secret Garden".

A Tree House!

There's also a tree house in "Lost in The Secret Garden".

This is more like the Secret Garden than Jacob Ballas Chidren's Gardens at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, where the story was set.

For one, this Ecogarden is much less crowded than Jacob Ballas'. Hence making it more "secret".
It started to drizzle and I "drove" super fast back to the Centre.

Byebye, not-so-secret garden.

Time to return the buggy.
Hope I'll get to ride again next time.

Update on 19 April 2009: now they have 4 of these buggies!


-+*..yvonne..*+- said...

miss ariel

this blog makes me smile, really.
the entries are good. i was laughing at some of the post.

ur son's 'adorably cute' and smart!

Hann Hann said...

not Hann but Ariel say...

glad you like Hann's blog. =)

drop by often.

I can't access yours though.