Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We were back at the Arts House for "In the Garden" with Caitlin and Auntie Adeline.
Too bad Mummy didn't manage to take a nice picture of us.

Surprise for me!
They are still giving out Marigold Milk at the end of the show.

and a butterfly for me!
It flew to me during the show you know?

It was after this scene from the show

I enjoyed the show and so did the other kids.
there were laughter throughout the show.
Mummy found it a little boring though. She still prefers Bradshaw's Shadows.
or maybe she's just tired.

After the show, we went to meet papa at this cafe in ACM.
See me make my butterfly fly to the music.

I was not afraid of the self-playing piano at all.
I told my parents, "You put batteries then the piano will play by itself. You don't put batteries then you have to play yourself."

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