Sunday, April 19, 2009

Science Centre Again: Heater

No Music class this Sat so my parents brought me to Science Centre for waterplay.

Lotsa balls and nobody today.
I was the only one playing at WaterWorks.
My papa thinks it's because we're too early.
It was around 10 am.



Mummy decided to shower me after my waterplay recenly HFMD is on the rise.
the water in the shower was super cold and the stream from the showerhead was super strong.
I was brrr... so cold!
so papa was trying to warm me up with the hair dryer.

Mummy later realised that there're heaters for the shower!
but those in the ladies were off!
so Mummies and Daddies, do make sure that the heaters are on before you shower ya kids.
the switches are just below the toilet signs outside the entrances.

A must watch for me at Science Centre: Gravitram

Guess what's this?

Hint: it's part of our Digestive system.

That was the large intestine.

Mummy bought this "hanhan" digestive system for me from Science Centre.

She's been telling me about where the food goes after it goes into my mouth and been looking for a suitable and cheap digestive system chart. so here it is.

btw, how they have 4 buggies for loan at the Science Centre.

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