Friday, June 5, 2009

Do Singaporeans dress badly

Do Singaporeans dress badly?

While The foreigners wear blouses and dresses to the park,

We wear Sleeveless,


The "longest" we'll go is 3/4 pants.

Well... this is Singapore.

Long sleeves and pants are really not practical for our country with it's hot! hot! sun.

How bout to the theatres?

What do you wear to the theatres at the museum
dresses for the girls and collared shirts for the boys would be appropriate.
but you'll be sure to find some1 in T-shirt and shorts.

How about Pajamas?
Can you wear PJs to the theatres?
Why not?

we did... to the Arts House.

The Pajamas Gang on another occassion.

As long as you're not wearing anything as ridiculous as this...

Nobody really cares.

What about flip-flops (aka slippers)?

Not acceptable?

Slippers in the Sky

Well... even on occassions like this...
We insist on wearing slippers.
cos they're so convinient!
not to mention cooling.

So do Singaporeans dress badly?

We dress coolly!
We dress practical!

What about you?

What will you wear today?


ZT said...

oops... collared shirts for the boys to theatre would be appropriate huh!

Zav is one tat is always in tee/shorts + crocs!

Hann Hann said...

haha. no worries. I do that sometimes too.

sunflower said...

I am on slippers all time after I turn a SAHM

kkf said...

haha, interesting post!