Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PLAY! @ National Museum

National Museum, here I come again!

we haven't been to the National Museum and where David once was is now replaced by "Love Tank".
"David is no more," said Mummy.
""Mummy, David die already?" I asked.
to me "die" = "no more"

We missed the Museum's Children's Season this year but thankful that the Interactive Arts are still around til Sunday 28 June 2009.

This one's PLAY! by Lim Shing Ee and Jezlyn Tan.

exploring the other corner

for a moment, Mummy and I didn't know they are "live".

Then I found out that you can...

Take the flowers out and put them somewhere else.

I think this is a farm and these are headless animals.

Though, Mummy preferred last year's
The Murmurs Playground by anGie seah,
I still had fun.
I can stay there the whole day if not for Mummy asking me to leave.


sunflower said...

A nice place to go. Will bring Yvette when she is older.

Hann Hann said...

look out for the children seasons. got more stuff for children to play.