Monday, July 27, 2009

Prayers work wonders

Realised that my recent posts are rather depressing... but it goes with the situation I'm in cos I was so sick.

Since Mummy brought me to Auntie Doctor (that's what I call my Chinese Doctor) for 推拿, my improvement is significant, though I still have stomach pain.

Friday evening,
Teacher Hui Leng, Teacher Beth and Auntie Billy came to visit me.
Just before they came, my condition sudden worsen and I had severe stomach pain.
I couldn't do anything but couched down with my pillow on the sofa and wait for them to arrive.
Mummy wanteda ask them not to come but finally decided against it.

My teachers from Eager Beaver bought me this book.

Before they left, Teacher Hui Leng and Teacher Beth prayed for me.
While they were praying, I screamed and shouted for them to stop.
My mummy suspects that I was having spiritual attack.

Since then, I became much better, though stomach pain is still a problem.
Sat, my parents managed to run many errands with me tagging along.

Sun, we went out for a nice breakfast in the morning (watch out for the next post!).

Think from now, I'll blog more happy stuff like before.

Thank you, God, for healing me.
Thank you, my friends, teachers, aunties and uncles for praying for me.
Please continue to pray for
1. God to continue guiding the hands that treat me;
2. me to pass motion daily
3. eat more and put on weight
4. walk and exercise more to build muscles.

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pc said...

glad to know that you are better now.

looking forward to your happy entries:)