Thursday, August 13, 2009

Da Vinci The Genius

We're at the Science Centre again.
(In case u're wondering, I go there 2x a week now. Everything I go to auntie doctor, I also go to Science Centre.)

This time we dated Caitlin and her mommy to
The Da Vinci Exhibition.

O. before this week, we did try to read up on Leonardo da Vinci but there aren't as many books in the library on him as there are on Vincent Van Gogh.
Most books on da Vinci are also more on his works rather than his life.

Pardon the lousy quality photos coming up cos this blur mummy bought her camera without the memory card!

Pss... they also don't allow photography in the exhibition so Mummy stealthily took a few shots with her camera phone.

Caitlin and I obeyed the "do not touch" sign and we didn't touch the exhibits which bears the sign.

There's quite a few interactive exhibits though.
Most are models of Leonardo da Vinci's clever designs of mechanical systems - ball bearings, spring coil, crank shafts, etc.
Mummy thinks Leonardo is really very 前卫!
i.e. ahead of his time.

Perhaps because it was the last week of this exhibition, there were many school groups while we were there.
While we were admiring the "genius-rosity" of Leonardo,
we saw this ...
Some 幼稚又没公德心 person threw this sweet wrapper in one of the exhibits.
Mummy assumed that it was done by the students.
What litterbugs are we breeding in our nation, the Garden City?!

Caitlin been wanting to hold my hand during the exhibition but I didn't allow her to because she scared me with her catching game when we were buying tickets.

She finally succeeded when we were watching this Sforza Horse 3D animation.
It was about how this very life-like clap model of a horse Leonardo was working on for years was destroyed by French soldiers.

Caitlin said, "Hann korkor, hold my hand. Later you won't be scared."

Despite our young age, Caitlin and I enjoyed the exhibition.
Not exactly a must-go for toddlers though.
My mummy thinks it's better to go with older kids or no kids at all so you can take time to listen to the commentary by the tour guides and watch the soundless exhibition animations.

Da Vinci The Genius Exhibition is now on at Science Centre Singapore
til end of this week, Sun 16 August 2009.

liang ge xiao wawa zheng zai ta dianhui
When we're done with the exhibition, we went touring round the 2nd floor of Science Centre.

seeing Caitlin and me together, Mummy felt heartache for me.
2 months ago, I was the same size as Caitlin.
Now she's much bigger and taller than me.
Mummy felt sad that I missed two months of growing.

Nonetheless, I'm eating well and a lot now.
Pray that I'll soon catch up with Caitlin.

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