Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Van Gogh and Sunflowers

Tue 28th July 2009

I now go to my auntie doctor twice a week.
and the highlight of the visits is visit to the Science Centre after/before that.

This time, we went to the Omni Theatre to watch

"Van Gogh - brush with genius"

I sat thru' the 40 min show!
though at about the 30th min, I said, "I don't like so take so long."

The film's about Van Gogh's life and works.
You can see the beautiful paintings and the inspiration behind them.

Strangely, we dont' recall seeing this famous "The SunFlowers" in the show.
You can see some replicas of Van Gogh's painting outside the Theatre.

"Van Gogh - brush with genius"
is showing now
at Omni-Theatre, Science Centre Singapore
Now til Oct 09

Potato Bun
This was about 2 weeks ago and I started eating quite a lot.
Here's me eating a potato bun after the film.
I liked it at first but it was too peppery.
I can't take spicy stuff.
Mummy told like that Papa likes potato so I decided to buy one for him next time.

That evening when we went home,
we saw sunflowers on mummy's favourite (at that moment) drama - 肥田喜事 and also in a book I've borrowed from the library.

Mummy's excited about the follow up plans she had for me the next day.

1st she brought me to the nursery to look at flowers and plants.

but I wanteda go home soon after we reached.

Mummy managed to persuade me to go and get the sunflowers before going home.
See... the sunflowers are taller than me!
From this photo, can see that I was still super thin.

Unwrapping the sunflowers when we get home.

Mummy took out two vases for me to choose.
Guess which was my choice?

Me arranging the sunflowers in the vase.
I chose the blue vase and Mummy said it was a good choice because Van Gogh likes to use complementary colours and blue is the opposite color of yellow.
Mummy also pointed out that this is very different from Verner Panton who likes to use parallel colors (colors next to each other on the spectrum).

Next, we went to the library to read more about Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings.
There are a lot of books about Van Gogh in the library which are written for children.
When Mummy read me the 1st book about Van Gogh's life, I had this solemn look on my face, Mummy was worried that I'm sadden by Van Gogh's tragic life.

We also discussed about the paintings.
my favourite is The Starry Night.
Reckon it's because I like stars and blue.

Mummy's favourite is Starry Night over the Rhone.
She loves how Van Gogh did the reflections in the water.

Next, I went on to make my own sunflower painting.
More inspired by 肥田喜事than Vincent Van Gogh.

I chose Green for my sky and blue for the grass.
Ha. don't ask me why.
Mummy allows me to decide what colours I want to use every time.

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