Sunday, September 6, 2009

Army Open House 2009

We went to the Army Open House 09 at Pasir Laba Camp.
Still on til tomorrow 7th Sep 2009.

If you drive, u've gotta park ya car at Jurong Camp
and they'll ferry you over to Pasir Laba Camp in Coaches.

the injured mannequins in the mock medical post left deep impressions on me.
I don't want to be like them and end up in the hospital again.

you get to camouflage ya face if you want to.
I didn't want it. I think it's ugly.

We were queuing up to sit on this bull dozer.

I left the seat reluctantly.

You get to try out different headgears.
Caution: this helmet's really heavy.
I almost sprain my neck!

You can also try various types of weapons.

Ah.. these are remote control robots.

I call them WALL.E cos their "eyes" and tracks resemble those of WALL.E's.

Outdoors, there are more vehicles to ride on.
Think I Look like a camera man shooting a film more than a gunman.
The seat is too far from the controls, at least for me.

Army Open House
I think the driver seat is more suitable for me. ha.

I want to ride on it!
Mummy's looking glam cos the queue to get onto the Apache was very long.

I don't mind long queues.
I'm patient.

Finally, it's my turn!

they have these parades of the various vehicles at certain timing.
Papa said like Disneyland,
but Mummy was disappointed cos the parade was quite short unlike in disneyland.
nonetheless, Mummy took the chance to point out all the different instruments to me as I've just learn them in music class earlier in the morning.

After that, we went to the Carnival for some snacks.

Don't miss the yummy waffle from Cottage Waffle Place.

Was on the way home after the waffle but there's so much more to see and sit on.

This is my papa's rice bowl.

the coupling's my papa's baby.
it's call "coupling", right, papa?


the back cabin.

seat-belts buckle!

too bad it's not taking off.

more rides.

Hee... I can't get enough of them.
but they were closing so we have to go...

see you next year, Army Open House!

Pss... for those interested, the Army Open House 09 is still on til tomorrow 7th Sep 2009.
9am to 7pm
They have free shuttle service from Boon Lay MRT.
Details Here.


Jason said...

That "coupling" is called the Articulation/Articulator Unit.

kkf said...

i can clearly see that hann is gaining back his weight! well done!

Hann Hann said...

haha. yah loh. this morning my papa said my face now looks like a bao. *humph*

I told him I'm not a bao.