Sunday, November 1, 2009

i love bread

I usually eat wholemeal bread like thisor this

Sometimes, I'll get this Enriched Milk Toast Bread too.and since I've got ulcers due to HFMD these few days, my parents bought the Milk bread for me since it's not as rough as wholemeal.

was eating it with Mummy when I told her,

"Don't finish the whole bread ah.
Be a good girl ah.

Listen to instructions.


~ pictures of Bread and Nutrition Info from

Comparison Chart by Hann's Mummy
Click on picture to zoom in.
In Bold are the highest in each category.

Comparison and Recommendations:

though it seems that Enriched Softmeal Bread and Softgrain Wholemeal Bread are healthier,
the Milk Bread is actually highest in Protein, Iron, Calcium and Vitamin B1.
I suppose it's good for growing children like us.

but for old people with high cholesterol levels (like my papa), the Milk Bread's not so good cos it's also the highest in Energy, Fats and Cholesterol.
Softmeal and Softgrain bread have ZERO Cholesterol.

Softgrain is better for people with diabetic problems cos it has the lowest carbohydrates among the 3.

For the sake of my old parents, I think we'll stick to Softmeal and Softgrain.
but perhaps an occasional treat of Milk bread for me?


Baby said...

try fresh multigrain or wholemeal or raisin bread..this type of bread tastes different, and no preservatives..

Hann Hann said...

Pss.. raisin bread causes phlegm leh.