Saturday, November 28, 2009

my 1st still life

Happy me going home from Teacher's place with my art work -
my 1st still life, on canvas.

I love this piece so much, I asked Mummy to put it near my bed so I can see it everyday.
So she hang it on wardrobe door in my room facing my bed.

Oh yes. I can spell and write my name for quite some time now.


kkf said...

wowowowowwo, future artist! really nice! i think i REALLY MUST SACK DASH'S ART TEACHER.

alexis lim said...

well done hann =)
nice nice !

Anonymous said...

lovely...hann, i really think u hv the best art teacher in spore !! hohoho...u must thank me - haha !

aunt jenny

Hann Hann said...

haha. yah loh, aunty Jenny, must thank you!

thanx for the compliment, alexis.

kkf, faster let Dash join us!

jolynn (: said...

wow! this is so nice sia. i cant even do that. my art sucks.... >.<

~Sal~ said...

Good job!! :)

Joyce Long said...

Awesome..must hang up his masterpcs..