Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Day Out - Luge and Sky Ride

As mentioned in an earlier post, Mummy's family pledge won us some tickets.

1st up:
Mummy received an email telling her

"The National Family Council is happy to inform you that you been awarded with:
7 tickets to Luge & Skyride on Singapore's Family Day Out - 29 May 2010, Saturday"


but tickets can only be used on 29 May and we must "collect the tickets on 29 May 2010, from 9am to 12 noon at the Family Day Out Registration booth at Sentosa, Palawan Beach."

Mummy decided that I will have to give my usual I Can Read class a miss cos
she won another 7 tickets to somewhere on the same day!

When we reached Palawan Beach around 9:30am and there was already a queue.

Check out the super long queue after we collected the tickets around 10am.
oh my dear. Wonder what the organisers are thinking!?
making these poor people stand and queue in the HOT HOT sun.
They even want to see the whole family (7 members including at least one who is below 13 or above 55 years old) when you collect the tickets.

The Luge and Sky Ride opens at 10am.
Thank God we were considered early and the queue was not long.

Check out the queue for the Sky Ride when we went the 2nd round.

Up up we go!

Papa and I came in 1st!

but Uncle Alvin managed to catch up when I was posing for the camera.

Joyce and Kylia on Luge
Here comes Kylia and Mummy.

after 2 rounds of Luge and SkyRide, we went for lunch and headed home to nap and get ready for the next outing!

(stay tuned for what happened)

~ Sentosa Luge and Sky Ride ~

Opening hours: 10 am to 9:30pm

Note: 1. Children under 6 years old must ride with an adult.
2. You must be at least 82cm tall to be a child-rider.


1. Bring ya own helmet (bicycle helmet) if you have one cos the helmets provided there are very 臭臭 (smelly).
Otherwise, some people wear a hat under the helmet.

2. best time to ride:

10am - 11am least crowded if you arrive at 10am.
and the sun's not so HOT yet.
If you go after 11am, be prepared to bake in the noon sun when u are up in the skylift.

fall - 9:30pm
Night Luge - no sun!
not very crowded too.


kkf said...

looks fun! wow!

Hann Hann said...

Must bring Dash!

think Violet will be under-height.