Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm an elder brother now!

Any1 called for Hann?

Meimei is coming out!

Tue 08 June 2010 10pm+
Mummy's water bag burst.
She wanted me to sleep 1st then call for my ah yi to come over and sleep with me.
but Papa thought it's better for me to go over to sleep at my Ah Gong's.
I was so excited and sprang out of bed when he told me that they're going to the hospital and I'm going to sleep at Ah Gong's.

"Is it July already?" I asked.
My baby sister (meimei) was due in July.

She's decided to come out early.

After more than 12 hours of labour (almost the same as it was for me, if not longer),
meimei is born.

Presenting... 梁妹妹.
Yah... that's her name for now.
We have yet to decide on a name.
I've set my mind on one of the names
my parents suggested - 梁昕汐
but my parents have since rejected the names cos it's quite a tongue twister and many people said it can be easily made fun of.
still, when asked what's the name I want for meimei,
I'd say "Xin1 xi1".

Now you know why I've not been updating my blog.
I'm so busy being big brother!

My duties include holding meimei's hands, talking to her, comforting and entertaining her while my papa changes her diapers.
She's quite insecure at the moment as she's born a little earlier at 36 weeks.
(It's written as 35 weeks+ on her Health Booklet)
So she needs us to comfort and hold her when she's not wrapped up.

My other duties include keeping an eye on meimei when my parents are busy and she's not in their sight; passing towels to mummy, and other housework.

I love my meimei and am so happy to finally have our own baby.

Yeah! I'm a korkor now!

Oh yah... meimei wanta have her own blog... or should we just share this one?


Sunflower said...


Hann, your meimei very lovely!

For Hann's mummy, rest well!

kkf said...

congrats!!! wow! didn't know u are pregnant cause u still look soooooo slim in photos leh! congrats! lovely mei mei! now you have one boy one girl! what a good combinatioN!

MTDT said...

CONGRATS! Meimei very pretty leh! :) Rest well and enjoy! :)

Hann Hann said...

thanx, ladies.

kkf, it's meant to be a shocker. cos Mummy been keeping it a secret. haha.

Joyce Long said...

Gong xi gong xi....yr princess is very pretty

Ing said...


Didn't know you were expecting and now you have already given birth! So happy for you... one boy and one girl. "hao" (good) :)

Take care and rest well.

Jaylen said...

Congrats Aunty Ariel and family!!

Hann kor kor,

梁妹妹 very cute!! do post more updates when you are not busy helping ok?

oh, if 梁妹妹 got her own blog, do share...

Aunty Ariel,

rest well. Mommy said recently weather kinda crazy. Do take care!


E said...

Hi! Congrats and like the others, I didn't realise you were pregnant either, you certainly kept your secret well!

Think you'll be too busy to run two blogs, looks like Hann will have to share this one. :)

Hann Hann said...

thanx, joyce, ing, E and Jaylen. =)