Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Garden - Children's Season @ 8Q SAM

Nope. Didn't go out recently.
but will blog on my outings before my Mummy's confinement.

This is a MUST-GO!

Art Garden: Children's Season at the Singapore Art Museum
14 May 2010 to 18 July 2010
SAM at 8Q

Must go for all children!

Level 1 : Walter by Dawn Ng


We kids had lotsa fun making hedges out of these tetrahedron cushions.


We hop and we throw!
though the guard didn't allow us to throw...

It's really lotsa fun.
Great installation, Dawn!

Taking a break in my "nest".

Guess where am I?

I'm in the Enchanted Forest by Sandra Lee.

splashing in the "pond".

Me leaping out like the merlion in the illustration.
Great art work, Sandra!

Check out what's in the sink.

This "monster garden" left a deep impression on me, not exactly a positive one though.
STOP in here and get into the MOTION! by Joo Choon Lin

My parents and I love this - Floribots by Geoffrey Drake·Brockman
and we thought it was done by a Japanese guy cos

the artist made use of origami flowers

and put more than a 100 of them on actuators.
the result? Magnificent!
I can spend hours sitting there, just watching them bloom and bloom and bloom.

There's a corner for you to fold these flowers and plant them on SAM's wall garden.
Unfortunately for me, the paper were all used up so I didn't get to fold the flowers. Sad.

Mummy took a photo of the instructions so I can do it at home (though I've yet to do it).
Click on the image for a larger view.

Also had fun at Daisies by Theodore Watson.

My papa didn't think much of this and the Funky Forest though.
He thinks it's just like those floor ads you see in shopping centres.
Mummy thinks it will be much more fun if we didn't go on such a crowded day.

We ended the day at the only cafe at 8Q - Food for Thought.
Quite a nice place but the price's not so nice.
Check out their menu.


kkf said...

wow, looks fun!
btw, want to ask u about seimpi music school. is it good? thinking of letting violet joins for the jumpstart program.

Hann Hann said...

I'd say it's good. but really Teacher-dependent. Different teachers do different stuff in class woh. so depends if u get a good teacher.

in my class of 5, 3 of my classmates can play the keyboard by about 3 years old. I'm one of the two who can't play. =(

Am going to start Yamaha Junior Music Course soon. Mummy thinks Yamaha goes at a slower pace which may be better for me.