Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yellow is the Sun and Number bonds

One reason why Mummy thinks RightStart Mathematics is good -
they introduce the concept of Number Bonds.

Think they teach Number Bonds in primary schools these days.
Any current primary school Math teacher can verify?

click to Read more about number bonds.

Below's the song, Yellow is the Sun, that RightStart Math uses to teach numbers 6 to 10:
Pss.. u've gotta turn up the volume cos I'm rather camera shy and was singing quite softly...

Yellow is the sun, six is five and one
Why's the sky so blue, seven is five and two
Salty is the sea, eight is five and three
Hear the thunder roar, nine is five and four
ducks will swim and dive, ten is five and five

Click for the score sheet and to listen to other children sing Yellow is the Sun.


Baby said...

hann, u sing very shy at all, maybe u can add more BIG actions, and dance steps..

Hann Hann said...


Big actions maybe...
but not dance steps. the focus of this song is the fingers.