Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hann goes to Gym




are some of the things I do at Gym class.
It's good exercise for me.

Coach encouraging me on.

started going to gymnastic classes for 2 weeks liao.

Mummy thought I won't like it too much cos I'm not a very active boy plus gym class is full of "scary stunts".
but though I'm a little afraid, I try my best to do all the things Coach taught me to do.

I love gym class
and even requested to go more than 1 hour a week.
unfortunately, Papa said no. =(


Sunflower said...


I like to know where is this gym. Could you email me and tell me?


Hann Hann said...

hahaha. u same like my mummy. stay in that neighbourhood for so many years yet don't know about this gym.

email u liao.

Karmeleon said...

ok - you tell me also, ok? Actually is it the one just behind Sunflower's house? haha!!!

kkf said...

looks fun! good to get some exercise!

Chew Family said...

Hi! Cephas' mummy here.. May I know where is this place? Thanks