Monday, October 11, 2010

Kids Arts Village: have your say

not hann but hann's Meimei, Jade, reporting...

Guess where I am?

I was at Jendela, the visual arts space at Esplanade with my Mummy and korkor.

Korkor drawing away at
Kids Arts Village: Draw your Kids Arts Village.

You drawing looks more like
under water world to me, korkor.
Pss... the lady who's sitting with y korkor is a worker for the event.
See, Mummy, korkor is popular with any1. So no worries about him fitting into a new school, k?

and he got himself a goodie bag for drawing what you would like to see in the Kids Arts Village @ Singapore Arts Festival 2011.

Korkor later realised that he's supposed to draw what he wants to see at the Kids Arts Village and not anything he wishes so he started working on his 2nd piece of drawing.

See Those lines in the sky on the drawing?
That's a rainbow.
Mummy is very proud of korkor for remembering the colours of the rainbow and their order.

Sorry, the Draw Your Kids Art Village event is over but if you wanta have ya say on what you'd like to see in the Kids Arts Village, you can still do so:

Kids Arts Village: Have your Say

Here's a million-dollar question: if there is a Kids Arts Village for kids to express their artistry, and to be run by kids for kids, what will you like to see? For the very first time, the Singapore Arts Festival has put in place a Kids Advisory Panel of 10 - 12 year olds to help curate and imagine the first Kids Arts Village.

This October, come on down to the Central Public Library to cast your vote for your favourite Kids Arts Village envisioned by the Kids Advisory Panel. Chat with our Kids Advisory Panel and Festival Ambassadors as they guide you through the works. There will also be special appearances by an architect and set designers who will be giving talks on what to consider when designing a space, and how to make a village model respectively.

Date: October 2010
Time: 10 am - 9 pm (Daily)
Venue: Central Public Library Basement

Free Admission!


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