Saturday, November 6, 2010

an eggy day

Mummy has been planning to make
Lava Eggs aka Nitamago.

She woke up early this morning (6am!) and decided to make them
but alas...

1. eggs not cooked enough.
either that or Mummy doesn't know how to shell eggs.

2. She was happily, or rather, sadly (cos eggs uncooked) shelling the eggs, and forgot all about the marinate cooking on the stove!!

So she beat up the 4 half-boiled eggs, fry them,

and made them into egg and cheese sandwiches.

nonetheless, since she still has the marinate, she decided to try cooking the eggs again.
This time, she used another saucepan to boil the eggs cos the usual one she uses still has the marinate in it.
and the eggs turned out not as soft/runny this time.

Mummy soaked the eggs in the marinate for more than 12 hours,
cos Wokking Mum said "If you want the brown hue to penetrate more into the egg white, you have to keep the egg in the marinade for at least a day."

but they turned out not much "browner" than the ones Wokking Mum kept in the marinate for only 3 hours.
and Mummy's are super salty!

So... next time, Mummy, don't keep the eggs in the marinate for soooo long lah.

Pss... actually hor... I don't really like eggs,
or rather, I don't like egg yokes.
I asked Mummy if she can make these eggs without the egg yoke next time.


WokkingMum said...

Hi! May I know the Dark Soy Sauce you used? I use Tiger Brand Super Grade Dark Soy Sauce. It's very thick and dark but not salty. Maybe you want to try using that if yours is not that. :)

WokkingMum said...

Hi! Me again.;) This goes for the light soy sauce too as some light soy sauce are extremely salty. Hope this helps. :)

Hann Hann said...

thanx for the reply, Wokking Mum!

my mummy used Kwong Cheong Thye Dark and Light soy sauce bought by the confinement nanny.

WokkingMum said...

You are most welcome.

Hopefully your mummy will get the results she wants on her next try.

Btw, I have a daughter, like you who prefer to eat the egg without the yolk. ;)

Shirley said...

I think the yolk is supposed to be runny aka not that cooked.

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

haha! i know, shirley.
this one's almost cooked but not cooked yet. it's orange instead of yellow but not runny.

This is because the pot I used is very thin so it's more cooked than it's supposed to be. though I do prefer it this way.

need lotsa experimenting!
different pot diff time diff temp!

Baby said...

tea eggs anyone? celebrating Easter? If you're gg to do egg-painting, then you'll get to eat alot of fried egg or steamed egg..or make into egg buns..