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Imprints: Designing from Memories

this is super overdue.
but still not too late. The exhibition's on til end of the month!

The answer to the post "3, 2, 1 Sneak Preview".

3rd Dec 2010

We were invited (this time not by virtue of my blog) to the Opening of
pictures in this collage taken by Hann
and the answer to 3, 2, 1 is a Three-Tier Awards Rostrum/ Winners' Podium.

Its function at Imprints is, however,
1. a speakers' rostrum,

2. seats for tired legs,

3. elevated platform for short photographers. haha.

Yup. Form and Function - these are what industrial designs are about.
Imprints is the showcase of the Little Thoughts Group, 20 local industrial designers, who transformed objects from Singapore’s cultural past into innovative modern-day treasures.

There are 20 or 19 of these modern day treasures and if I were to show them all here then you won't have to visit the exhibition.
So I'll use the 3, 2, 1 format to introduce some of these designs on my post.
(actually you can check out all the designs online)

3 designs we laid our hands on tried out:

3.1 Kandil
by Lee Leong Chye

inspired by old pressurized kerosene lamps.
Mummy loves it new wooden frame.

Papa, will you consider getting one for our new balcony?

3.2 父母椅 Fu Mu Yi (Parent’s Chair)
by Yang Tah Ching

Uncle Yang complement the classic Mu Zhi Yi 母子椅 (mother-child chair) (foreground) with Fu Mu Yi 父母椅 (Parent’s Chair) (background).
母子椅 (mother-child chair) can act as a child seat or a stool
while Fu Mu Yi 父母椅 (Parent’s Chair) can either be used as an armchair or flips over to be used as a table.

Hey papa! we can use these for our balcony too.

3.3 Tze Kor Saver
by Erene Teo

It's basically a coin bank lah.
but you can see the coin goes down the board like a pinball, like the Dino Coin bank Thomson Pediatric Clinic had in their previous location.

Hey Erene, you can sell this product to all the pediatric clinics, GP clinics and wherever kids frequent!
sure make $$.
the buyers I mean. haha.

2 most practical designs
(awarded by Hann's Mummy)

2.1 "Ants Can't Swim" Condiment Holder
by Lee Yun Qin
the tray has a moat which keeps ants out from the condiment.

Yun Qin jiejie, my grandparents and my mummy's grandma used to put bowls in saucer of water to keep ants away from the food too.

2.2 Glowbelly Steamboat
by Tan Lun Cheak

How ingenuous!
when not used for cooking or dining, GlowBelly steamboat can be flipped around to function as a beautiful lamp.
saves storage space, huh?

1 thing my Mummy wanteda get for my new room

~ photo taken from smellthecoffee1.blogspot (my original photo was somehow corrupted) ~
Bobo - a piece of cloud to bring back the fresh air from good old days

Yat Gao Wan 一块云, my mummy calls it,
bobo is a cloud shape air filter doubling up as light. It makes use of high tech filters from Totobobo Mask® to purify polluted air.

Nice right?
concerns: if we wanta achieve this lighting effect in my room, we'll need a few of these
and how are we gonna conceal the wires and how much will it cost to get them and maintain them.

Check out these designs and more at
Imprints: Designing from Memories
National Museum of Singapore, The Atelier, Level 3
now til Sat 1 Jan 2011 | 10am - 6pm

oh! what I loved most about the opening?

nonya kuehs!

and all the nostalgic food, at the tea reception on opening night, like

Sambal Dried Shrimp Sandwiches
Pulot Hitam w Coconut Cream

by Chilli Api.

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