Friday, December 3, 2010

Penguin Wonderland

From the comments on my last post on Jurong Birdpark, it seems many think the Birdpark is quite a boring place.

I suppose Penguin Wonderland is an effort to bring in fun to the birdpark, also in line with Christmas.

1st up:
Experience Snowy Fun
weekend snow foam playground at the normally tropical fountain plaza (think it's the water play area I posted on).
Catch the snowflake showers happening every half-hourly from 11.30am to 4.00pm.
There's Water spewing from the fountain jets so do bring extra clothes or wet suits.

shower facilities are available at the Songbird Terrace.

Note: Activity for kids below 1.2m. Parental supervision required.

Date: 4 – 26 December Weekends Only (why like that?)
Time: 11.30am - 4.00pm
Venue: Songbird Terrace

Next up:
Penguins’ New Home – The Penguin Coast

On top of the original indoor exhibit which is refreshed , There's now an outdoor enclosure for The African Penguins aboard an explorer ship.

Penguin Feeding Sessions with Commentary

Now you can feed the penguins!
but only if you are that ONE lucky child whom will be invited to feed the African Penguins at the weekend (again?) feeding sessions.

Daily: 10.30am & 3.30pm (15 mins)
Venue: Penguin Coast

Check out details on other fun activities like face painting, Christmas card making, etc, at the birdpark this Dec (4th to 26th) at their website.


kkf said...

yes, finally bird park is attracting visitors...haha. i am thinking of bringing the kids to there!

Hann Hann said...

wah! can I collect advertisment fee from them? haha.

tell me if it's really fun.

don't think my parents will bring me there this Dec cos I just went last month. sigh. wrong timing.

Shirley said...

Just went there today. See my post for more details. Btw the new 'Penguin Coast' is nothing much than a outdoor area (home) for the African penquins. The picture of a ship u posted in this entry is JUST the facade of the old penguin exhibit.

Hann Hann said...

har! then were u guyz disappointed?

but they said aboard a ship for the outdoor leh.

and u haven't publish ya post.

shirley said...

Not that disappointed coz didnt know what to expect except a new outdoor home for the African penguins.
Haa... wana post last night but ran into some connectivity problem and too late so went to zz. Going to post now. Hopefully it will be up today. =)
p/s: The best thing abt the Penguin wonderland is u get to meet a real penguin face to face and take pic with it. =)