Monday, February 28, 2011

Boey Paisay

Mummy: *looking at meimei* Aiyoh, 变成 hannhann 脸了. (becoming Hann's face.)

Hann: huh?

Mummy: don't you think meimei looks like you?

Hann: eyelashes long meh?

*Hann touches his eyelashes, and attempts to touch meimei's.*

Hann: mine long, she (hers) short.
*shakes head*

Hann's mummy said...
Just for the record, meimei's eyelashes were quite short at birth unlike Hann's but is slowly catching up and is quite long now.
Thank God for beautiful babies!


Min said...

Great sense of humor!

kkf said...

two lovely kids you have