Sunday, February 5, 2012

Byebye PageOne

Not hann but hann's Mummy said...

I suppose this is old news to most.

but in case you didn't know,

I was trying really hard not to go to the sale cos I told myself no buying books til we shift to our new place.

but alas, I gave in to temptation and dragged my friend to go treasure hunting at PageOne.

Hurry down, cos the children books are running out fast!

Popular titles by Roald Dahl, Eric Carl, Magic School Bus, etc are all gone.

Although we really like PageOne and are sad that they're closing down, thinking back, we didn't so much patronise them frequently.

Besides distance, I strontry to convince myself not to buy books as much as possible since we can borrow most books from the library and if we do buy books, we usually get second hand ones (in the name of being environmental and economic friendly).

I suppose we not the only family that thinks this way hence the downfall of many major bookshops in singapore.

oh well... also going on 19th Feb is harris @ Great World City, which we can't recall buying anything from.

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kkf said...

Must really thank you for sharing all these with us.