Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Tips for "Ice" Skating at Marina Bay Sands

 If u know my mummy, u'll know she hates sports.

oh well... ice-skating must be the only sport she loves, though she's not good at it.

So we were very excited when we saw a "ice" skating ring at Marina Bay Sands!

It's nearer to home compared to JEM and Kallang Leisure Park.

 1st time on the "ice"

 2 hands off...

 and wooh!
Mummy left me in the middle of the ring!
as u can see, the 600-square meter skating rink is in the middle of the Mall, and surrounded by a food court!
Quite embrassing if u fall, mummy thinks.
but we kids are fearless!

"That how you learn - by not being afraid of falling," Mummy told me.

pss... Mummy was the only adult in the ring.

Oh well... I didn't fall at all and could skate on my own within half an hour.

I soon made friends with two boys and we started racing!

I reckon u can see from the video that we're running more than skating.
That's when I started to fall. 

Tip #1
Two things to do when u fall when ice-skating:

1. keep your hands! immediately
you don't want the blades on others' shoes to chop ya fingers

2. get up on your knees
lower chance of falling again immediately compared to getting up from your bum.

If u noticed, I've been using the word "ice" with inverted commas.
and the official name of the ring is

Marina Bay Sands Skating Rink (sans Ice)

that's because there is no ice!
the surface is actually made of synthetic ice, 
created from very high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (or simply, plastic).

According to one uncle, it is less painful if u fall cos it's hollow plastic, compared to falling on solid ice.

but he also said it's more slippery compared to real ice.

See me do the slippery skates dance:

Tip #2
It's actually less slippery as u go nearer to the centre of the ring.
I can do the slippery skates dance much better when I'm at the side of the ring, holding on to the "railing". The skates just go auto-pilot.

btw, heard you cannot bring ya own skates.

Here's the price list for skates rental + admission charges:

Opening hours: 11:30am to 8:30pm
Closed daily from 5pm-6pm for maintenance

Tip #3
pss... the korkor at the cashier told us to avoid after 4pm cos it'll be crowded.

Tip #4
Get the blue skates (figure skates) if u are a beginner like me.
They grip better than the red skates (hockey skates), according to the same uncle.

Tip #5
Remember to bring socks!
heard one pair of socks costs u $3.50 there.

Tip #6
Visit the toilet before you put on the skates.
It can be quite tricky to go on the tiles in the toilet in your skates.

Tip #7
They have free lockers!
set your numerical pass code and make sure you remember it before locking.
blur Mummy went to lock before setting a code she can remember and panicked!
thank God I was observant enough and told her that the default code should be 0000
so we didn't get our stuff locked in.

So who's gonna join me for our next skating trip?

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