Thursday, November 29, 2007


before going to bed last night...

Papa came into the bedroom, I called, "papa! papa!"

Papa, "You went to the doctor's today?"

Hann, "Yeah."

Papa, "Doctor poke poke you?"

Hann, "Yeah."

Papa, "How many times did Doctor poke you?"

Hann, "Two!"
Doc really poked my pipi twice. Once for MMR, other other for chicken pox.

Ha... I left papa wondering if I really know what we were talking about.
Wanteda post a photo of me with the twp plaster on my backside, but Mummy decided against it after reading this.


小丘 said...

so clever!

shoppingmum said...

Hi, thanks for the link to motheringcorner. :)

Anonymous said...

Um, I have nothing to say about this post but may I ask you when is your birthday? I forgot already, sorry! I even forget your age! Hahahaha, can you tell me? I am very curious! Hahahahaha, I am very sorry!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you that the annoymous is me, Belynda jie-jie! I am very blurr!

Lots of kisses,
Belynda jie jie

Hann Hann said...

You mean you are the Anonymous in the "Avent and Bisphenol" posts too?

You sound super adult leh.

My birthdate is in the "about me" what.