Friday, January 4, 2008

The Doll Affair

29 December 2008, Sat.
Mummy's favourite girl at The Doll Affair.

It was very noisy at YMCA's cafe cos the doll owners were congregating there. It was super crowded and they had to wait and queue to go into the convention room. Hence, many of them waited at the cafe instead. We stayed there most of the time too.

My ah-yi's friends came and one of them even won a doll's head. spooky eh?

Any1 interested? Aunty Sony wants to sell it cos she wants a boy's head but this is a girl's.

After much coaxing, Mummy finally managed to put me to sleep at 4pm. I was up since 7+.

My just-woke-up look.

i only managed to sleep for one hour.

the 3 pretty "sales girls" from Amethyst Collezione.

more photos of the dolls on flickr.

oh yes. I was even catch on TV! *blush*

Any1 saw me on Channel8 news?

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