Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mummy cooked

1st evening at the wake, there was dinner catered but Mummy thought the food was not suitable for me. So she decided to cook the next day.

Those of you who knows my Mummy well will know what a "great" cook she is...

Day 1

She wanteda make an omelette but it didn't turn out well so she chopped up the egg and stirred fried with pork.

Not sure if it's the effect of the Doraemon lunchbox, but it was yummy though a bit dry.

Day 2

same ingredients cos the portion was just too much for one day.

Mummy tired to make the omelette again. This time, she was almost successful but tore the omelette while tried to take it out from the pan.

She wanteda cook spaghetti but she made such a huge mess, burning the pot while tried to stir fry the pork, she made do with fusilli again (somehow she thinks it's easier than spaghetti, though I think should be the same). She also made the pork into a baked patty instead of stir frying.

Papa think the omelette and meat patty was nice but I much preferred the fusilli with ketchup.

Some1 please teach my Mummy howta make sauces / gravy.

but with all the burnt pots and number of dishes my Papa has to wash each time Mummy cooks, I think he's going to beg her to stop cooking.


Jason said...

Please continue to cook. The Pork and Omelette are nice...practise makes perfect.

kkf said...

me not a great cook either, but at least you bother to cook...i am just so lazy.

James Ong said...

hey sis,

buy Hunt's stewed tomatoes in a can from NTUC la. Only $1++, serves 2 per can. best tomato base sauce for home cooked pasta. I always cook for my wife and she loves it.

1. Asparagus + mushroom
2. Ham + mushroom
3. prawns, squid, clams
4. Chicken + peas
5. bacon + onion

cook pasta in boiling water with a bit of salt. cook ingredients in a pan using olive oil or butter, season with a lil more salt + black pepper, then pour the canned tomato sauce into pan. then drain pasta and pour into pan. use low heat to reduce. serve with dried basil. :)

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

wah. thanx, james!