Sunday, October 19, 2008

Funeral Fun

Last day of the wake.

My parents had wanteda bring to me the crematorium but some of the adults told me to stay behind with my yeye. Sad that I couldn't sit on the bus and visit a new place.

Mummy tried to keep me entertained while everybody was gone.

She asked me if I wanteda make a bouquet.

I said yes! while she took out flowers from the wreaths.

She went to look for something to tied the bouquet with.

When she returned...
I had already arranged the bouquet myself!
Mummy was impressed by my talent. She thinks it's very well arranged.
I proud of it myself and went walking all over the neighbourhood, bouquet in hand.
See, I aranged one of the stalks to be above the rest so the bouquet has a casually-gathered-feel.
I walked...

and Auntie Ros and Mummy followed.

Let's go over there, Mummy!

"hiding", I said.

When I'm done with the flower parade, Mummy took out a ribbon from one of the wreaths.

I was fascinated with it.

I held on to one end and passed the other end to Auntie Ros and we went for a walk again!

Me walking Auntie Ros.

Auntie Ros (trying to) walk me.

after awhile, I didn't want to, but Mummy insisted I go back to the "Pavillion".

To keep me occupied and do something "meaningful", Mummy told me to do "threading" on the chair.

ChairS, I preferred.

Me engrossed.

I loved it so much, I wanteda keep threading and didn't wanta go home!

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