Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleep well, Tai-Por

Tue night.
I was drinking my nai-nai but puased and listened intensely when Mummy told me that i must sayang Papa cos his grandmother went to slept forever like mine.
I was sympathetic and said, "Papa sad..."
Poor papa, lost two loved ones in one year.
See "banner" in the background.
For me, I'm just glad I didn't have to go to school and get to spend the day with my Mummy, though I'd rather stay at home. Nowadays, I prefer to stay at home than to go to school, or anywhere else.

Me going for my "nature walk".

When I'm not serving drinks at the wake, I go exploring the neighbourhood.

I love the place with its 2 playgrounds and one exercise area.

A bunch of young kor-kors come and practice 杂耍 (what do you call that in angmo?) regularly at one of the Multipurpose hall.

Mummy's too shy to point the camera at them hence pretended to be shooting me.

Check out the metal framed cube. It's the 1st time we saw anything like that.

the korkors spin it brilliantly at high speed in the air.

Pardon the horrible photos taken by Mummy on her hp camera.

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