Saturday, November 15, 2008


2nd Nov 2008, Sunday

a bit outdated but I've gotta log the photos taken by me.
quite rare for me to snap these days.

We went super early to Alliance Francaise (I could recognise the place for Rainbow Fish)

for a children's theatre: a-tishoo!
with Caitlin and her mum.

It was sunday and the cafe at the Alliance was closed so we had to walk all the way to Balmoral Plaza.

Sadly, all the eateries there are not open yet so we ended up in 7-11.
Guess what I bought?
Nope. the Smoo's from home.

Char-Siew-Bao of cos!

after breakfast, Caitlin and i decided to take some photos before going into the theatre.
the next 3 photos are taken by me.

Mummy was surprised to see another toddler photographer as young as me- Caitlin.

She's even more pro than me! I still don't know how to hold the camera "portrait".

Caitlin and her mum reviewing her shots.

Caitlin took this for us.
Ain't she clever?

this is the set.
no photography allowed so we have no other pictures.
Caitlin's mum managed to sneak quite a few though.

another surprise for Mummy was that Dynamics New Animation (DNA) who is doing a-tishoo! was the group who did Ball Pond Bobby- the 1st children's theatre I went to.

a-tishoo! is a really wonder play with a super creative set
but somehow I'm in the i'm-scared-of-everything phase so I wanteda leave the theatre halfway through.

so til the next theatre... hope I will overcome my "fears".

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