Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jones the Grocer

Dempsey Hill, here we come again!
One weekend morning...
we wanteda go to Angel's Share for their 1-for-1 pizza but they were not open yet so we went to
from outside (sorry, didn't managed to get a shot), it looks like a peaceful restaurant but once u step in, you'll realised that...
it's so busy!

they've got all kinda groceries

pasta and pasta sauce too!

they've even got Singapore's largest walk-in temperature controlled cheese room.

We managed to steal a shot.

Pss.. no photography allowed in the cheese room cos they're worried that people will copy.

They sell dessert by bars!
nay... think it's by weight.

they've got long bars of turkish delight, nougat, etc.

More blocks of dessert.

and it's not just a grocery store, it's a cafe too!

We had breakfast there.

Service is not fantastic cos like the Canopy, they are highly short-handed and the place is super crowded on weekends.
We almost couldn't get seats.

Food is not bad. a bit different from our normal ang-moh breakfast. but slightly expensive too.

Check out their biscuits which can also be used as Christmas Tree decorations.

I wanta get the cookie cutters to make those nice cookies too.

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pc said...

wow, nice sharing (again^^)... [doesn't look like you are in spore;P]