Saturday, December 13, 2008

Spoils from Taka Sale

This post is for Auntie MT.

Mummy went to Taka Card Members Sale the other day with Ah Yi and bought these for me...
(sorry, the sale is over liao. not sure if you can still get these stuff at the same prices)

These are instant food for 9-months and 12-months
but Mummy use them as pasta sauce for me.
My Emergency Food.

This is the keyboard Mummy got for me.
Cheap, not?
Got adapter leh.
The previous one Ah Gong got for me doesn't come with adapter.
Papa kept it away but left the batteries inside.
Then the batteries melt. boohoohoo and the keyboard is gone case liao.

Mummy got the Mickey's for me.

and of cos my favourite: Thomas! raincoat.

1 comment:

pc said...

what a fruitful sale:)...

we were there, but... too crowded and too noisy to make a decision;p.