Saturday, March 28, 2009

cars and memory game

1st two photos taken by me, Hann.

Do you know?

He's Mater from from Disney's Cars.

My current favourite.

(Mummy thinks my pose looks like the Ajisen girl in the backgorund)

Mummy's been wanting to introduce this game to me.
She finally caught my attention with this set of Cars Uno cards my Ah Gong bought.
(He has all kinds Uno cards - Pooh, doraemon, etc etc.)

It's a memory game.
You open two cards at a time and if they are the same, you get to keep them.

I'm quite good at it, you know?


~AlanSally~ said...

Woo! Megan and Joseph love this game too!! :)

Hann Hann said...

see if we get a chance to play together. =)

kkf said...

nice photos! and yes, clever hann again! wow! dun think dash gor gor is as capable in playing the memory game.