Friday, March 27, 2009


Thursday 12 March 2009

We did "Toy Story" in art class today.

Each of us brought our favourite toy to class. we discussed about it and proceed to do a painting based on our favourite toy.

For one week, Mummy's been asking me which toy I'd like to bring and I told her the scoop.

after class, I requested to play at the pool with my scoop.

Scoop by the pool
Mummy held on to my hand for fear that I'll drop into the pool.

I'm happy just scooping from and pouring into the pool.

Here's my finished product:
My story:
I played with the scoop at the beach.
I made sand castles with it. (Can you see my sand castle in the picture?)
The storm is coming. (see the fluffy clouds?)
Teacher was so convinced that I made sand castles with the scoop at the beach.
Truth is... I have not played with sand on the beach since I was 1.5 years old.
I play with this scoop when I shower at home.

In this painting, I learnt to create some kinda sandy texture for the beach.
I painted the scoop all by myself.

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