Friday, October 16, 2009

Ah Meng Cafe & Fraglie Rainforest

As mentioned, I'm learning to take videos now.
I'm trying to capture the route from the lift to my papa's car in this video.

taken by myself on the car.
See that scar on my face?

Our Zoo membership is expiring so my parents decided to take me to the zoo.

~ photo taken from

Went for lunch at Ah Meng Restaurant.
I call it the Orang Utan Restaurant.

The food's...
not nice.

My papa said no wonder all the sad faces :< on the wall of the restaurant.
Check out another Ah Meng Cafe at Orchard Road instead.
The food's so much better.
Nope, they're not related to the one at the zoo.

After lunch, we went to our all time favourite local in the zoo - the Fragile Rainforest.

I was narrating the frog's life cycle but it was too noisy here so u can't hear what I say in this video.

We like the Fragile Rainforest cos we can see the animals up-close.
and they're animals I read from my books.

turtles on 独木桥!

sloth from the zoo's quarterly ‘Wildlife Wonders” Magazine.

My parents wanteda bring me to the zoo again this weekend...
but I'm down with fever now...

Please pray that I'll get well soon so I can go to the zoo!

1 comment:

Jason said...

The food there is really disappointing. I ordered a Chicken Whole Leg (Western Food) and it came cold, hard and tasteless.

I wonder why Ikea can make the food hot and nice and many such restaurant (with similar set up) cannot do it (or don't bother at all as its a monopolised market in the Zoo, eat it or leave it).