Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Part 1 Cafe

When we got into the car, going away from the zoo, I told my papa to "bring me to a cold aircon restaurant."
"Do you have money?" asked papa.
"no," i replied.
"Then how can you go to a restaurant?" Papa challenged.
"You pay mah." I answered.
"Why must I pay?" Papa questioned.
"because... you tall already!"

*italics are Hann's words

going to little part 1
So Mummy directed us to this hidden place...

hann at little part 1
Little Part 1 CAFE.

we'd love your old books
They have lotsa books there for you to read.
sadly, no, if not few, children books though.

They also have board games (see top of shelf).

Mummy picked Monopoly - Sponge Bob edition for us.


couting on the dice

sponge bob

I took Sponge Bob of cos.

Papa taught me addition through this game.

~ Photos from this point fro taken by me, Hann ~

I'm almost always hungry
"I'm almost always hungry"
it says on the menu.
how apt for Mummy.

Doraemons are mine from MacDonald's.
I always keep toys in my bag when we go out.

leisure sunday
Leisure Reading on a sunday.

Hello, duckie.

ceiling fan
Green fan against a black ceiling.

Little Part 1
You can see that Little Part 1 Cafe is a nice and cozy place to be in.

Happy Mummy after eating the yummy Apple Crumble with ice-cream.

cheese cake
They have other cakes too.

and serve all sorts of exotic beers.

See what I caught on camera. haha.

way out
Going out

back door
from the back door,

you'll see the alfresco dinning area.

guess where
Can you make out what's that building behind?


shwushenn said...

Hi Hann, Thanks for such a sweet photo-journal of Little Part 1 cafe. We love your photos. Very nice. And we are glad you enjoyed our little place.

Hann Hann said...

ah... don't mention. I love ya little place.