Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is not a movie in a cinema, Manners matter!

Not Hann but Hann's Mummy said...

We were late for Narnia The Musical.
I told Hann that we have to wait to go in.

actually I was surprised to see so many people late!

even more shocked when a woman burst out shouting at the usher for not allowing her to go in and demanded to know when she can go in.
When the usher replied that we can only be allowed entry after the 1st act, she does not accept it and shouted that if the act is going to be so long, she should be allowed in, why is she not allowed to go in, blah blah...

At this point, people who were gathered near the door suddenly all backed off, leaving the lady woman, in the centre of a circle.

I said loudly, but not loud enough apparently, "it's because you are late."

Isn't this basic theatre etiquette?
If you are late, you jolly well wait til an appropriate time to go in.
If it's going to be long, that's too bad cos you are late!

In some performances, you will not be allowed entry until intermission time.
even in concerts, you're lucky if they allow you to go in in-between selections.

She thinks this is a cinema where u can walk in anytime.
even when it's the cinema, don't you find it disturbing when people come in late?
The lady woman was shouting so loudly I wonder if the audience inside can hear her.
Actually I don't under why she's kicking a fuss cos there's a monitor tv outside and you can see live, what's going on on stage.

Theatre is not just about watching a show.
It's arts appreciation and a cultural experience.
If you don't have basic manners then u're not very cultured loh.

Even if it's just a children's theatre or a school production, etiquette is part of it and should be taught to our children.
maybe we can't stop our children from talking (asking questions), but at least if we're late, have the courtesy and common sense to wait for an appropriate time before trying to squeeze past audience who were on time to get to your seat.


btw, I apologize for being late or arriving on the dot for the past two performances.
This is something I have been working on - arriving early.

Next time I help you guyz buy tickets, try to get it from me before the performance day so you won't have a heart attack waiting for me outside the theatre/concert hall.

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