Monday, February 1, 2010

再见,蘑菇头! Goodbye, Mushroom Head.

Think some of you noticed that I've changed my hairstyle.

After more than 3 years, I finally allowed some1 else besides my mummy to cut my hair after much persuasion by my papa.

This is Auntie Ros, my Yeye's helper.
She was a hairdresser in Batam before coming over to Singapore.

I really don't like this.
My hair drops into my shirt and pricks me.
This is only made bearable by the games on my papa's handphone,
and the bribe reward that awaits me after the haircut.

the bribe reward: TWO toy cars from Burger King to add to my 1st red one.

I like my new hair style.
think I'll let Auntie Ros cut my hair from now on.

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