Friday, April 9, 2010

Pixar at Singapore Science Centre

Look!, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

Guess where am I?

6D Movie!, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

I'm catching a 6D 3D animation, UP, at Science Centre, shown in conjuction with

Pixar at Science Center, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

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Recognise these people?

Catch them and more (Up, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monster Inc, Cars, the Incredibles, Ratatouille, etc.) and See how they are "made" at the Pixar Exhibition.

Pixar at Science Center, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

The Exhibition is now on til 27 June 2010 (end of June holi) and Singapore is the only stop in South East Asia.

the three 3D animations showing are
UP in the month of April;
Toy Story in the month of May; and
Toy Story 2 in the month of June.

Prices of Exhibition and 3D movie are as shown below:

Pixar at Science Center, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

Got discount for members of cos.
My parents pay $19 each for the exhibition and movie while
I pay $15.

quite expensive hor?

but it's really fun!

sorry we can't take pictures in there so no photo of the exhibition.
Click to see the promotional video.

There are some short animations and films on behind the scene stuff.
You can sit down on the floor to view them.
Think if you really spend time watching each one, you can spend more than 2 hours in the exhibition alone.

For older korkors and jiejies, there's also a small area exhibiting animation schools and companies in Singapore.

Pss... actually we caught our favourite part of the exhibition - Toy Story Zoetrope on video!
but don't see if u're going.
it's a spoiler
and the video doesn't do justice to the actual thing as our camera's refresh rate doesn't match the strobe flash frequency, that is why there are many black screen and "blinks" in our video.

If you do go to the exhibition, Don't miss the Toy Story Zoetrope which demonstrates the principle behind animation.
It's in dark room so make sure u go in!

ah... I'm so looking forward to Toy Story 3!

Can you see me?, originally uploaded by lastboltnut.

It's coming to the theatre on 17th June 2010.
til then.. see ya!

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