Monday, July 5, 2010

Farewell Wu Guangzhong 又见风筝, 再见吴冠中

Photos taken on 15th Aug 2009

Was just at Singapore Art Museum last year

to see
An Unbroken Line: Wu Guangzhong Donation Exhibition

Now, Prominent Chinese artist, Wu Guanzhong, is gone,
passed away at the age of 91 on Friday, 25 June 2010.

Wu is best known for marrying traditional Chinese ink

with Western oil painting.

Mummy best loves his houses which used simple shapes and were described by captaincream as houses that sing.

We were not allowed to take pictures in the galleries so you can't see his actual works on this post but extracts of his work on the museum's peripheral last year during the exhibition period.

Wu Guangzhong is also known for his painting of animals.

I didn't blog on An Unbroken Line last year cos we went on the last few days of the exhibition so no point recommending the exhibition.

But, you may now view Wu’s works at a smaller scale exhibition,
Seeing the Kites Again 又见风筝”,
at Singapore Art Museum, now till 14 December 2010.


Joyce Long said...

nice photos..

Hann Hann said...


some taken by my papa some by my XiaoYi.