Sunday, July 4, 2010

老师也是人 之 You know everything

Start my Yamaha Junior Course yesterday.
As Mummy's still in her confinement,
my Papa went with me (parents are required to attend the class together).

Since I was not
very willing to play on the keyboard during the period with Seimpi, Mummy decided to let me take things slower and hence chose Yamaha.
It's also recommended by a few music teachers and they said Yamaha trains aural skills very well which Mummy thought was important in music training.

I told Mummy the class was "quite interesting".

Anyway, I was having this conversation with Mummy about the class...

Mummy: The Parent have to learn too.

Hann: No. Parents know everything.

Mummy: No. parents dont' know everything. Papa doesn't know. He can learn with you.

Hann: You know everything.

Mummy: No. I don't.

Hann: but you are a teacher!

*italics, my own words.


kkf said...

oh you started JMC too! Dash is entering into term 3.

Joyce Long said...

that's nice .....certainly he is going to enjoy.