Monday, May 30, 2011

Kids Arts Village

Last Friday afternoon, Mummy whisked me off from school to the Kids Arts Village.

and we arrived just in time for the Children's Showtime -

WANDERLAND by the Little Arts Academy
Those korkors + jiejies in black are supposed to be furniture - tables and chairs.
Brilliant, we thought.

the young performers were very good and professional!
One of the dancers dropped a flower and she just continued dancing without it and not looking anxious at all.

after the showtime, we're led to the Children’s Art Gallery
where I was given a worksheet which provided my mummy points of discussion on the art pieces

me looking at the exhibits.

and we've got to sketch our favourite piece of artwork on the worksheet.
My favourite is this Dinosaurs showcase.

This is Mummy's favourite.
Go to the Kids Art Village to see for yourself what it is.
but Mummy think it may not be there anymore this week cos there is a change of theme at the kids arts village every week.

Me doodling with chalk at the Topsy-turvy Rabbit Hole.

Go see for yourself what're inside the holes.

me watering the plants at the Children’s Eco-Garden.
I didn't get to do it the last time we were at the Festival Village @ Esplanade Park.

Finally, Crafts Alive! is ready for us to enter.

"Teacher" showing us how to make puppets using a sock.

Jiejie #1 helping me put on the sock.

Jiejie #2 helping me to put super glue to secure parts to my puppet.


I had fun at the Kids Arts Village though Mummy thought it was not as fantastic as she had expected.
Oh well, what kids think in this village is more important. ha.

Suitable for kids 3 and up we'd say.

All interested children must pre-register for the programme at
It's FREE!

Click on the picture to see details on the Kids Arts Village Calendar.

As of last Friday, these are the available slots left:



My Memories

2 June


3 June


4 June

12.30pm, 3pm

5 June


Hurry and register now!
this is the last week at Kids Arts Village.

More about the Kids Arts Village

Singapore’s First Kids Arts Village
- A special visual and performing arts space created by children for children.
- Curated and managed by the Kids Advisory Panel.
- Features creative works by kids from numerous kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.
- big kids (secondary school students) run the show, hosting the showtimes, helping young children with their craft work, etc.
Mummy think the student helpers did a really great job.


kkf said...

looks fun!

Baby said... will have to wait for a few mor years..b4 he can join you in the fun! Some pri sch drama classes also teach P1 to make sock puppets..