Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arts Festival Village @ Esplanade Park

Realised that I have not been blogging about my outings and quite a few people have been looking up my blog for the Kids' Arts Village.
Sorry that I took sooooo long to put this up.

Here we go!
1st installment of the Festival Village:

After waiting for 3 days at 3 different locations, we finally got to board the Fun Vee Bus FREE! for the Festival Village's opening (13 - 15 May 2011).


Not that it was super popular (you can see that the seat are mostly empty), but because instructions on where and when to board the Fun Vee was not clear! plus there was not enough publicity about this free Fun Vee pick up to the village.
My parents think the bus company, as well as, the village organisers are not sincere about giving this free pick up service.
In fact, we were the only passengers, beside the arts fest volunteers (in pink), for most of the journey until a couple board the bus at the 2nd last stop.

Nonetheless, we're still thankful that we finally (yes, after 3 tries over 3 days) got to be ferried in the Fun Vee to the Festival Village @ Esplanade Park.


See my meimei enjoying the ride.

Festival Village, here we come!

This weekend (28 - 29 May 2011),
you'll have a chance to sit on the FunVee for free too!
Be the first 50 to purchase something at the Festival Gift Shop each day and receive a free coupon for a FUNVEE bus sight-seeing ride! Conditions apply.

Quite a sight when we arrived at the Festival Village @ Esplanade Park.
Didn't expect it to be among the trees!

One of them is this CannonBall Tree (photo right).
You should stop in front of it and wait for the "cannon" to fire.

hmm... where to go next?

Kids Arts Village!
located within the Festival Village.

come in, meimei!

Jade likes the gallery in the Kids Art Village too.
and it seems they change the exhibits every week.

Children's Eco-Garden by Mayflower Primary School where plants and herbs are grown in plastic bottles and recyclable containers.

oo... what's in there?

Nice or what!
Super nice ambiance alfresco dining at The Tuckshop.
Mummy thinks the name "The Tuckshop" doesn't do justice to this place.

Now til 5th June, Get a free 2 month membership to the Gourmet Culture Club when you spend $10 on F&B at The Tuckshop. For every $25 spent, stand a chance to win a 12 month membership to the Gourmet Culture Club. Click here for more terms and conditions.

besides sitting among the trees, you can also sit on tree!
Check it out opposite the Kids Art Village's entrance / exit.


The Festival Village is all lighted up with fairy lights and Mummy thinks the place will look even better at night.
Great venue for a date!

don't forget to check out the awesome Festival Village Main Stage - Hand-made from wood, huge and rustic, it’s the Singapore Arts Festival’s largest-ever outdoor performance theatre.

Mummy thinks whoever came up with the idea of having the village at the Esplanade Park is really brilliant!

One more reason for you to Chill out at the Festival Village this weekend (28 - 29 May),
free Haagen Dazs ice-cream mini cup!
First come first serve, from 5pm every day, whilst stocks last!

Festival Village is located at Esplanade Park, along Connaught Drive (next to Padang). (Click for map)

To get by Bus

Along Connaught Drive- 75, 100, 107, 130, 131, 167
Along Esplanade Bridge- 10, 57, 70, 128, 162, 196, 531, 700, 868, NR2, NR5, NR7, NR8

To get by MRT

By Esplanade MRT- (Exit by Exit D)
By City Hall MRT- (Exit through CityLink Mall; walking distance of 5 – 10 min)

Hang on for the next installment for more on the Kids Arts Village.
Meanwhile, you can check out what they have on this week yourself.

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