Friday, May 27, 2011

The Playdome

The PlayDome: Kaleidoscope of Dreams
for children ages 3 and above
child-centred museum experience at Level 3, National Museum of Singapore

This exploratory space consists of dedicated zones, where children get to play with props, materials and get really hands-on in creating original art works inspired by the collection in the museum’s Living Galleries and its iconic Dome. The PlayDome invites children to express their unique voices through meaningful and fun play activities based on their visual inspirations and experiences drawn.

Presenting over 10 original works and installations from artists and creative professionals in Singapore and internationally, The PlayDome combines a mix of active and reflective engagement charged with imagination, making it a memorable museum experience for children and families!

Click for the list of Programmes (ticketed as well as free).

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kkf said...

I am going on sunday! hee