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Movies, Live Shows and More at Singapore Science Centre

We were thrilled to be invited to an Exclusive Science Centre Bloggers Event!
because I've been wanting to check out the Sharks exhibition but my parents were not so keen.

Long-time followers of my blog might think, "Science Centre" again!?
no worries!
For me, there's always something new at the Singapore Science Centre.

in the end, we've got 40 photos selected for this post!
So read on.

Upon arrival, we were issued tickets to the Omni-Theatre and Singapore Science Centre.

Then, just before we enter the IMAX dome theatre (one and only one dome screen in Singapore), Mummy was shocked to see
that her seat and mine were not next to each other!
She asked the staff checking tickets if we had to follow the seating as printed and the staff said yes but not to worry, the seats are just nearby.

So we obediently went into the theatre and this was how far I was from Mummy.

Later, two other blogger families came in and the children were all seated apart from their parents!
how ridiculous! especially when some of the children were as young as 3 years old and this could well be their 1st visit to the huge Omni-Theatre (5-storey high!).
It can be a scary experience for young children because of the exciting movies, loud sounds and dark surrounding and worse if they don't have their parents next to them.

Anyway, we decided that we'll just sit with our parents and we did just that.

The show started soon and we were shown
the IMAX movie, Hubble.

throughout the movie we all (especially the children) had this Question in their minds:
when are the sharks coming out?

Mummy was puzzled as to why all 3 families thought it was the Sharks movie we were catching and the children were somewhat disappointed that they didn't see any sharks but lots of stars.
Maybe because they used the word "BLOCKBUSTER" Planet Shark Exhibition.

Nonetheless, I love "Hubble", the IMAX movie.

Mummy thought all children, at some point in their life, would have wished to be an astronaut and asked me if I wanted to be one.
When my answer was negative, she persuaded, "why not? Astronauts can go to space you know? and see all those nice things."
"Just now went already what," I answered.

how aptly Veronica Heng had put it on the Singapore Scientist (Sci Centre Publication),
it's "the next best thing to being there"!

and how appropriate that The Space Science Exhibition Hall was just at the exit of the IMAX Dome Theatre.
We can continue learning about space!

Me playing with the Satellite Orbit Simulator.
Think can apply to the Hubble since it follows an orbit too.

There are a lot more exhibits about Space Science here but I wonder why Mummy only captured one of them on the camera.

Next up: Science Centre!

oo... they've got a new buggy.
I was very happy that there's one left for me and hopped on immediately though my mummy said it was too small for me.
I convinced her that I can fit into it and Mummy went to register for it.
(it's free! you just have to leave your particulars at the visitor centre and you can use the buggy for ya entire visit.
They have wheelchairs for loan too.)

the lady at the counter refused to register me and said I was too old for the buggy.
I didn't fuss though. I'm a big boy now.

New! (to me) at Science Centre -
"live show" at the Discovery Zone:
Animal Interaction Session
11am and 3pm
oo... I wonder what kinda animals they have.
Mummy thought they're some rabbits, hamsters, etc
but see below!

Animal #1: Stick Insect!

Animal #2: Giant Hissing Cockroach!
This jiejie is so brave!
I'd thought women are scared of cockroaches.

there was another species of cockroach there as well.
Mummy asked if I wanted to hold any of these animals and I said no. =p

Another new thing for me -
Invent! It's in you!
a new permanent exhibition at Level 2, Science Centre

Think many visitors to the centre miss out Level 2.
there are actually more fun stuff up there!
so remember to check them out on your next visit.


Inventors Spotlight

Click to listen to the rich stories and experiences of the select group of inventors.
Flight (Take to the Skies!) and photography (Say Cheese!) are just two stories placed in the spotlight to show that inventing is not a solo process; we all play a part to make an invention better.

This exhibition wants you to "realise that the act of inventing is for everyone".

more fun stuff inside but I didn't go in cos I was afraid of the two puppets at the entrance (yes, at 5 years old I'm still afraid of such).

Oh yes, Children, do look out for these stations
where you can do some hands-on science activities under the Volunteer Programme
assisted by korkors and jiejies from Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges.
pss... they get CIP points.

Another Live Show not to be missed:
the Super Cool Science Show.
It's really COOL!

see how we all love the show.
Shall not show too many pictures less it spoils the fun.

So plan your visit and check out other shows and demostrations
including the HOT HOT Fire Tornado Demonstration
(3pm at the Courtyard, just outside the annex where the Planet Sharks exhibition is)

and finally, the highlight of the visit:
Planet Shark exhibition

take a shot before you go in.

oo... nice "chops".
love the shark.
They give these "invisible" stamps so you can revisit the science centre and annex if you wish to leave and come back later in the same day.

What is this?!
No photography?
then how to blog about this?
Maybe Science Centre should give us bloggers special photography rights if they invite us to blog about their exhibitions next time.

Anyway, when we went in, every1 (almost) was openly taking photos!
many even used flash as it was quite dim inside.
see this uncle snapping away.

so Mummy also happily snap away
but she didn't use flash
so please pardon our somewhat dark and blur pictures.

The different species of sharks and their sizes (live size!) in comparison.
Can't imagine a whale shark (the largest), is REALLY sooooo huge!
as big as a school bus (the Sharks movie said).

There are a few of these stations where you can click and learn about the different types of sharks.

oo... these are REAL frozen fish
Tuna and shark
They looked a bit bloody so we didn't get a close-up on them.

going into the Shark Attack zone

oops. I didn't see that sign.

Reading about the 10 ways to avoid attacks by shark.

Nay... it's one of the 3 huge screens in the exhibition hall.
you can sit on the floor to watch if you wish.

The most famous Shark movie - Jaws.

Jackie Chan is well-known for not using stuntman for his action flicks - even when he has to fight a shark.
but no worries, his shark can use a stunt-shark instead.

There're some activities for kids -
colouring and


proud of my works.

Sharks' fins.

well... the tagline for Planet Shark was
"Predator or Prey"
but Mummy thinks they has shown too little about how sharks are preyed on by humans, making them an endangered species.
She thought we will see those gruesome pictures of shark finning but we didn't see any (did we missed them?)

me checking out the souvenirs at the end of the Planet Shark Exhibition.
actually I didn't expect to buy anything but

Mummy can't resist buying these two books for some follow up on the exhibition with me

and she thinks the pop-ups are great for meimei too.

We returned to the science centre on another day (oh yah, you can never cover the centre in one day) for the much anticipated
Sharks 3D movie.

This time, I'm not going to take out the 3D goggles half-way, I assured Mummy.
and true enough, I didn't.

and I enjoyed the movie very much!
I actually reached out and tried to catch the fishes a few times. ha.

Mummy wished the 3D theatre was better though.
she thinks the screen is too far, hence too small, to have that the immersion effect like in the Omni-Theatre.
Best seats: centre of the first row on the steps.

To end off,
thank you, Science Centre,
for inviting us to the Hubble IMAX movie and Planet Shark exhibition.

I strongly recommend you to get the Science Centre Membership cos once is never enough to explore the whole centre.
(see all my posts on Sci Centre and you will know)


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