Friday, June 24, 2011

Art Garden 2011

didn't blog about Art Garden and Children's Season cos thought there's no hurry since there was an ad banner at the top of my blog about it.

Today is Friday!
Fridays = Free entry to Singapore Art Museum from 6 to 9pm.

So, make your way down to SAM this evening!

Walter Rabbit is back!
this time at Singapore Art Museum's main building instead of 8Q like last year.

1st stop: Mummy Dearest
Dress up these giant dolls inspired by old-fashioned cut-out paper dolls

and decorate an enormous three-tiered cake.

Dancing Solar Flowers
Pss... there're actually rabbits among these solar-powered mechanical flowers.
Try finding them where you're there.

oo... TOMY tracks on the walls!

oo... they're going into this room.

Wow! the entire room (including the ceiling!) is covered by TOMY's modular tracks.
I super like this
Paramodelic Graffiti
Mummy thinks Paramodel is so clever!
Papa responded by saying he can also be clever and do something like that if he has money sponsors.
so who wants to sponsor my Papa for the next Children's Season?

See those baskets of fruits in the background?
They are actually made of paper!
They look real from a distance.
Choose from six fruits common in Southeast Asia and learn the name of the fruit in different languages. When you have completed your fruit, keep it as a souvenir or exchange it for a real fruit.

Tree of Love

These Trees are decorated with Papier-mâché dolls.
You can doodle on the trees.

I didn't get to explore all the installations
at the Art Garden as we were heading to the opening of Video, An Art, A History 1965 - 2010.
so hope I'll get to go to Art Garden again before it closes.

All these and more at

Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum

Interactive contemporary art for children
3 June to 30 August 2011

and don't forget to check these out on your way:

Animated Films at the Art Garden
Click for schedule


Video, An Art, A History 1965 - 2010

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