Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What's in the NDP Fun Pack

Look! I've got a NDP Fun Pack.
Consolation for not being able to go to NDP.

For those who don't know what's a Fun Pack,
it is basically a goodie bag designed for use during National Day Parade aka NDP.
Find out more about it in the mrbrown show: In a Fun Pack (video).

Now, let Hann see what's in a Fun Pack, albeit not all the stuff are inside.

the smallest thing in the Fun Pack:
a Handphone ornament with the NDP 2011 Logo on one side and screen wiper on the other.

NEWater and distilled water from Fairprice.

More drinks:
Yeo's and H2O.

Khong Guan's biscuits.
Heard they're Merlion-shaped!
can't wait to open them.

Rain Poncho in case it rains during the Parade
and a plastic bag for you to throw your rubbish.
If I can bag my rubbish at 2-year-old, so can you!

and of cos, the Singapore Flag!
sorry Mummy couldn't get a good picture cos I kept waving it.

Mei also wants to check the bag out.

Wet tissue, a NDP postcard and the much-sought-after discount coupons.
This year, you can print the NDP discount coupons online!

Missing from my Fun Pack:

~ picture taken from www.ndp.org.sg ~
One (not five) or these collar pins.
Mummy gave it to a student who said another took hers.

~ picture taken from www.ndp.org.sg ~
Interactive Items like the Mr Bean Maracas and Light-sticks
and stuff to keep cool like the sun-visor and the Milo hand-fan.

and a lot more stuff actually.
Click to see list of items in Fun Pack.

Nonetheless, I'm still happy with my "discounted" Fun Pack.

You can get yours too at
S'pore Discovery Centre
Now til 14th Aug 2011.

You may say, "Chey! '1st 30 visitors' leh!"
but let me tell you...
Discovery Centre is very ulu and few people go there, especially on weekdays.
Mummy was there on a Thursday at around 3pm and only about 10 Fun Packs were given out.

There are other fun stuff at Singapore Discovery Centre this National Day period too (see poster above).
Hope I have time to go and also blog about it.
Stay tuned!

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