Monday, October 24, 2011

a real update

Hi! This is Hann's meimei, Jade reporting...

readers of korkor's blog must have missed us in action.
So sorry but School days are busy days for us so can't really update much, but stay tuned!
cos holidays are around the corner.

Here's an update on our family, albeit not very good stuff...

It all started about a month ago, I think in the last week of Sep 2011, Mummy was running a fever but still had to go to school (talk about social responsibility, sigh).
She had to help her students prepare for their N level exams and it was the next day. She asked her students if they'd rather she goes and spread virus or don't go at all and they chose the former.
The fever was mild but it was the aftermath that was the beginning of our horror.

a week later, rashes started to appear on Mummy's limbs. Scary, red rashes those. We shall spare you the gruesome photos of any of us (yes, us. more about that later) with those rashes.
She didn't think much of the rash at 1st cos I had it once (rashes after a fever and our PD said it's normal virus rash).
However, she was also having joint-pains so she went to the doc.
two days of terrible gastric pain also followed.
Doc made her do a blood test cos he thinks it might be dengue fever!
Since doc said that, we decided to isolate Mummy and she slept in a separate room from Papa, korkor and I.

the next day, Papa kena fever too!
and well... the rash came a week later as expected,
but what was not expected (well... not exactly not but we were hoping)
was that my korkor started running a fever too!

Mummy's blood test report

Thank God, it was not dengue fever but some unknown virus.

Nonethless, Poor korkor has sensitive airway, and whenever he catches a virus, it acts up.
So poor him coughed and coughed and coughed.
It was so bad, Mummy was very worried that he might end up in the hospital like the last time.
and since he was also having the rash (poor korkor had it all over his body, even on his face) Mummy was also worried that he'll scratch his face and leave ugly scars on it again.
Mummy is really sad about korkor's scars.

Anyway, he was getting better, the fever was gone (but not the rash) and my parents had taken many days of mc and leave (since they caught the virus as well) so they had to return to work and decided to send my korkor back to school.

On the 2nd day that korkor returned to school, the school called Mummy up at work and told her to pick korkor up cos he is having fever.
So off he went to the PD again
but this time, I joined him at the clinic.

Thank God though, through it all, I didn't catch that powerful virus that the whole family, except me, kena.
I went to the PD cos I caught a flu bug.
so who says breastmilk is unless after baby is 1 year old?
I think if not for mummy's milk which contains antibodies against the virus she had, I would have caught that strong virus too.

See me relaxing in the armchair while eating bread.

The virus my family caught is very strong!
besides fever and rashes, other symptoms include painful joints, swollen fingers, frequent toilet visits.
Although we're all the on road to recovery,
My mummy is still having pains in her knees now after almost a month since her fever started.
and my korkor still has quite a bit of phlegm and cough.

Please pray with us for complete healing by God.


pc said...

Wish you and your family a full recovery. Glad Jade is not affected. Otherwise mama will be in huge headache.

kkf said...

hope ur family recover totally!